PC-1500 & PC-1500A

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Introduced in early 1982, it boasts an fast 8 bit CPU and is programmable in BASIC. This first version comes with 1850 bytes of user RAM, extensible to almost 10KiB. The PC-1500A was introduced in September 1983 as a replacement for the venerable PC-1500. It featured 6KiB user RAM (extensible to a whooping 22KiB !) plus 1023 bytes in a separate area usable in assembly.

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Friday 9 November 2012
by  Denis

Reference material

The information provided on this site comes from various sources, including documents published by Sharp, magazines and of course personal research.
PDF Documentation
Tandy PC-2 Assembly (...)

Thursday 8 November 2012
by  Denis

Memory Map

The memory is divided in two 32K areas : RAM from 0000h to 7FFFh and ROM from 8000h to FFFFh. The RAM area contains user programs, variables and various run time parameters. The ROM is described (...)

Thursday 8 November 2012
by  Denis

ROM Entry Points

Expansion ROM
The expansion ROM corresponds to the ROM of expansion modules, like the CE-150 printer and cassette interface. Address Contents Checked /
Documented 8000 - BFFF Expansion ROM (...)